Options For Your Caterpillar Engine

BetterTurbo.com's main purpose is to provide options that aren't typically there for owners of 3406E and Early C15 model engines. By providing these options, BetterTurbo.com can allow any owner/operator or business owner to use a "Better Turbo" when repairing their or their customers applications. Our complete turbo option is for whatever situation, and our Field Service Assembly is for those who have a good compressor cover that are just looking for the main cartridge.

Options for Better Turbos


Why use our heavy duty turbocharger for high horsepower Caterpillar engines? Our New turbo for 550 h.p. 3406E and C15 Caterpillar engines (part number T704604-11) is specially designed to improve on the O.E. product you currently could be using. Click Here for More!


Our New heavy duty Field Service Assembly (part number F704604-11) makes replacing your CHRA (Center Housing and Rotating Unit) easier than ever. Click Here For More Details!