For The Durability You Expect

Nothing is better than getting into your vehicle and knowing, just knowing, that you aren't going to have any trouble with it today, tomorrow, or the day after that. Well, today is that day. "Durability" is just a click away. What are you waiting for? Locate your nearest distributor here, and ask for heavy duty turbo part number T704604-11 for high horsepower Caterpillar engines.

Heavy Duty Turbos For Cat Engines


Upgrading the turbo for your high horsepower Caterpillar engine (on-highway 550 h.p. 3406E and C15) has never been easier. Our "new" heavy duty turbo for Caterpillar enignes has been specially designed to eliminate common issues with turbochargers for these applications. Our HD Compressor Cover alone can help prevent future turbo failures among this product line with it's four asymmetrically spaced inducer support ribs. The HD Compressor Cover works to eliminate common compressor blade and wheel frequency problems. Click here for more! Our HD Turbine Housing also works to eliminate common issues among these applications. With the original part numbers crack along the divider walls were common reasons for turbo failure. The HD Turbine Housing has been tooled from specially selected materials and given added strength in the divder wall to alleviate prior issues. Click here for more!