Installing the Heavy Duty FSA

Please consult a trained professional before installing the Field Service Assembly or Heavy Duty Turbocharger. Improper installation can result in premature turbo failure and decay. Please inspect the engine and it's components for leftover debris if your previous turbocharger failed while in operation. Also, improper installation can result in the voiding of the turbocharger warranty, (please consult a trained professional before installation).

Field Service Assembly Installation


Step One:
Make sure the failed unit's compressor cover is a four-web type inducer. If not, replace with whole turbo. (Note: Arrows indicate four web inducers)

Step Two:
Remove the compressor cover by loosening the band clamp and inspect the cover's contour for damage. Slight scratches are OK. Remove dirt and debris with a general purpose pad like Scotch brite or a piece of fine emery cloth.
(Larger image shows partially cleaned cover, smaller image of sample general purpose pad.)

Step Three:
Install the clean and inspected compressor cover onto the new field service assembly and tighten the band clamp to 110-130 inch lbs. torque.

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