Heavy Duty Turbocharger Features

Upgrade your turbocharger to the new Heavy-Duty turbo specifically designed for high horsepower Caterpillar brand engines (for on-highway 550 h.p. 3406E and C15 Engines). Specially selected materials, careful redesign of the turbine housing divider wall, and a new compressor cover create a more robust turbocharger design to last longer.

Better Turbos Features


With GT4702 Updates, the Heavy Duty Compressor Cover for Caterpillar turbos is guaranteed to help eliminate some of the common causes of turbo failure among these applications. Click Here For More!


Our new heavy duty turbine housing has been redesigned for strength. With greater stresses being placed on charged-air systems today this heavy duty turbine housing for high horsepower Caterpillar enignes boasts greater material selection for on highway applications. Click Here For More!