Heavy-Duty Turbo Compressor Cover

Introducing the New Heavy Duty compressor cover with GT4702 updates. The new assembly contains four asymmetrically spaced inducer support ribs to eliminate the compressor blade and wheel frequency problems common to the Garrett Brand turbo GT4702 used on 550 h.p. 3406E and C15 Caterpillar engines

Heavy Duty Compressor Housing


The turbocharger used on Caterpillar engines (primarily the 550 h.p. 3406E and C15 engines) contains two primary modes of failure: one compressor related and one turbine related. The GT4702 uses a bore less compressor wheel for cycle fatigue durability. However, the older compressor cover design causes premature blade failure, that in turn, causes catastrophic turbo failure and negatively impacts component salvage. For example, the image above shows the old compressor cover with three symmetrically spaced inducer support ribs for inducer bleed. These produce blade harmonics that cause premature wheel failure and compressor housing damage. Due to the common failure mode the three web inducers cause, it is not recommended that this compressor cover be reused. If however, you have an updated GT4702 compressor cover with the four asymmetrically spaced inducer ribs see our Field Service Assembly section for more details on replacing your CHRA (Center Housing and Rotating Assembly).